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The following important dates demonstrate the company’s impressive record as a pioneer of innovation in the Irish timber processing industry. Many of the achievements listed below were firsts in an Irish context.

1913 Glennon Brothers Timber Ltd founded.
1938 Power supply changes from water to steam.
1945 Sawmill power changes from steam to electricity.
1969/72 Log harvesting and shipping operations from Scotland to Ireland.
1976 Involved in sourcing the timber used to make Tim Severin’s boat for the "Brendan
Voyage". 1977 Production of decorative panelling from Irish pine and fir.
1978 Produced whitewood flooring from Irish spruce.
1980 Profile chipper sawing line installed.
1981 Sawdust fired drying kilns installed.
1984 Computerised forestry and log inventory systems installed.
1988 Telesales operation introduced.
1988 Involved in sourcing the timber to build the “Dyflin Viking Ship” for Dublin’s millennium celebrations.1991 Production of CLS for the timber frame manufacturing industry.
1993 Irish timber shipped to Japan for the construction of traditional houses.
1995 Decorative pine flooring launched on the market under the Glenpine brand name.
1998 Launched Glendeck, the outdoor decking product line.
1998 Acquired Woodfab Fermoy from the Smurfit group.
1999 Stage 1 of the refurbishment of the sawmill in Fermoy.
2001 €20 million development in Fermoy (Linck sawline).
2002 IT investment and launch of company website.
2002 Certified for heat treatment.
2003 Installation of new treatment facilities.
2003 Import of Scottish logs.
2003 New planing line installed in Fermoy.
2004 Serious fire in Longford resulting in the destruction of the processing line.
2004 High-speed handling equipment in Fermoy.
2005 New log grader installed in Fermoy.
2005 Launched Glenfence fencing range.
2005 Strategic growth plan for the UK developed.
2005 Scotland – established Windymains Timber Ltd.
2006 Installation of AWS weighbridge.
2007 Acquisition of Dempsey Timber Engineering.
2008 Acquisition of Adam Wilson & Sons
2008 Acquisition of Alexanders Timber Design
2009 Shipments of timber to France.
2010 Entrepreneur of the Year - Category Winner.
2012 Agreed 3 year sponsorship deal with Longford GAA.
2013 Ruban D'honneur - European Business Awards.
2014 Began €14 mill valued added investment in Fermoy.
2016 CHP investment in Troon - £14 million.
2017 Generated electricity in Troon for the first time on 17th March.
2018 Acquisition of equipment form James Callender & Sons.
2019 HAI Best Supplier Customer Experience Award Winner.
2019 TTJ Softwood Trader of the year Award Winner.
2019 Finalist of Smart Manufacturing Award.
2020 TTJ Softwood Trader of the year Award Winner.
2021 TTJ Softwood Trader of the year Award Winner.
2021 Acquisition of Balcas Timber and Balcas Energy.
2022 TTJ Softwood Trader of the year Award Winner.