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Round Timber Wanted


If you are considering selling subsequent thinnings or clear felling conifer woodlands, we would be interested in purchasing the timber standing and use our own dedicated team of harvesting and haulage contractors to deliver the logs to our mill and the other available markets, paying you a price net of costs and measured by weighing the actual outturn delivered to the mills.


If you are considering harvesting your timber, we will be happy to give you a quote for products cut to an agreed specification, collected at roadside by our own haulage contractors. Please consult us prior to starting for a price and specification.


We mainly use Sitka and Norway, Spruce but do have markets available for small amounts of Larch, Fir and Pine.

FSC Chain of Custody

We make sure your FSC material reaches the end market by keeping the chain of custody to FSC standards.


Contact our experienced and knowledgeable staff:-

In Ireland contact Gerry Dolan +353 86 2551086 mobile or +353 43 3350830 telephone.
In Scotland contact Alex Murray +44 78 7966 4627 mobile or +44 1292 679 679 telephone