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Glennon Brothers, is delighted to have supplied home grown timber, for a unique and innovative installation, which was displayed at this year’s Electric Picnic festival, entitled “Meitheal – ethic”.

This year’s exhibit was again created by Woodcollective, in collaboration with the Wood Marketing Federation, using specially sourced home grown timber produced by Glennon Brothers.

“Meitheal – ethic” was an archetypal space, drawing on tradition and technology, to create a place for people to meet, talk, reflect and socialise. The installation which soared into the Stradbally sky and was lit at night using sustainable lighting, provided an ideal opportunity to display the quality, and flexibility of Irish timber.

Glennon Brothers also supplied timber for last year’s “Forest of Light” display at the Electric Picnic, which proved to be very popular with concert goers, who were intrigued with the innovative way home grown timber could be used. Woodcollective project designer Eugene Boyle said “We were inundated last year day and night, with people wishing to know more about wood and how the exhibition was planned and executed”.

Glennon Brothers have also recently supplied home grown timber to the Venice Biennale 13th Annual Architecture Exhibition, a prestigious architecture exhibition held in Venice, featuring innovative and futuristic projects.