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Glennon Brothers uses a number of innovative and environmentally responsible processes to produce its products. Click on a link to find out more.

Heat treatment

Most countries enforce regulations aimed at protecting their natural flora and fauna from non-native pests and diseases. In recent, years there has been an increased awareness of the risk to forests from insects. Timber packaging has been identified as a major threat.

In light of this, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations has drawn up an international standard for phytosanitary measures called ISPM 15 (www.ippc.int) “Guidelines for regulating wood packaging material in international trade”.

This standard allows for the treatment of wood via fumigation with methyl bromide or heat treatment.

Heat treatment requires the achievement of a minimum wood core temperature of 560C for at least 30 minutes. Heat treatment can be carried out either as a separate treatment or in conjunction with the kiln drying of timber.