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Our aim is to conduct our operations in harmony with the environment, with environmental management being a top corporate priority. We operate an environmental management system and compliance with all applicable environmental standards and legislation is seen as a minimum requirement. The company is committed to the prevention of pollution, the reduction of wastes and encourages recovery and recycling of wastes as opposed to disposal where feasible.

Timber processing produces residual by-products such as woodchip, sawdust, bark and shavings. End-use markets have been developed for all these waste products to ensure all wood fibre from the manufacturing process is utilised in some way, right down to the tiniest particle of sawdust.

  • Woodchip is predominantly used in the manufacture of MDF board.
  • Sawdust is used to power the kilns for drying the timber and is also used in the manufacture of chipboard and for animal bedding.
  • Bark is further processed and used as garden mulch.
  • Wood shavings are also a very popular bedding solution for the horse and poultry industries.

Glennon Brothers was one of the first sawmills in the country to receive an Integrated Pollution Control license (IPC) which is independently monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The licence ensures that all waste streams and emissions are monitored and comply with EU and local government regulations.

Both plants in Windymains and Troon, operate in full compliance with the pollution regulations of the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).


Environmental Product Declarations