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CLS stands for Canadian Lumber Standard and is the timber used in the manufacture of timber framed homes. Glennon Brothers was the first, and is still the only, Irish sawmill to produce volumes of CLS from home grown timber.

CLS is a planed-all-over product with eased edges. The two main sizes for CLS are 140 x 38 which is used in the external walls of the house and 89 x 38 which is used in the internal walls. It is available in a range of lengths from 2.4m to 5.4m and may be treated to provide extra durability and precision end trimmed to specific lengths.

CLS is cut and graded to the highest possible standards and is closely monitored by the NSAI and the BM Trada. All CLS is graded in accordance with IS444 and the majority is graded to C18. Glennon Brothers currently supplies CLS (including Protim Clearchoice treated CLS) to many timber frame manufacturers around the country in this rapidly growing market.